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Swim Course – Super Sprint


1500 Meter Swim

The Hudson Valleys Fastest Triathlon  Swim

Swim Course

The point-to-point 1500 meter swim starts on Newburgh’s Eastside at Front Street and the Hudson River. The swim is a wave start. Swimmers head south swimming parallel to the sea wall and many of the marinas located at the waterfront. Race Directors, Kayakers and other members of the water safety team frame a 30 yard swim lane from start to finish using yellow and green buoys. Swimmers exit the water at the Newburgh Public Boat Launch and proceed up the short carpeted ramp to T1 where they will find assistance by the water safety team.

The Orange County Triathlon boasts one of the fastest point-to-point swims in the sport of triathlon, mainly because of the tide.

The Hudson River, one of America’s most famous waterways, is home to many open water swims and is considered to be one of the cleanest rivers in New York.

Wave Start

  1. All athletes will be grouped with their assigned Age Group or Division.
  2. Per USAT standards, age groups are determined by your age at the end of the calendar year. For example, if you turn 30 in 2014, even after September 27, you will still compete in the 30-34 age groups.
  3. Age Groups/Divisions will be filed as a group onto the Start Dock. Swimmers will jump into the water and hold the starting rope until the horn sounds for their wave.
  4. Due to tide shifts, jump start only. No diving. Diving is grounds for Disqualification.
  5. Timing mats will be located at the entrance to the Start Dock.
  6. Any athlete missing their assigned Age Group start will be held until the last group starts.
  7. Any athletes missing the last start will not be permitted to start the race. No refunds. No race. No crying. No exceptions.
  8. All athletes will enter the water until the last Age Group has crossed the start mat. Assigned times will be announced in the Orange County Triathlon Athletes Guide, so each athlete must be attentive and responsible for being in place when their Age Group turn arrives.

Water Quality
The beautiful historic Hudson River is the swim venue for the Orange County Triathlon along with many other swim events including River Pool at Beacon.


Safety Plan/Policy:

Each Swimmer must wear the colored swim cap provided by the Director.