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Super Sprint Bike Course

Super Sprint Bike Course Map




Super Sprint Bike Course Description 22K

0.4 Start Exit Transition area up Front Street (Restaurant Row)
0.1 Left on 4th Street
1.0 Right on Water Street
1.0 Right on Grand Ave
0.4 Left on Commonwealth Ave, turns into Balmville Rd past Balmville Tree
4.0 Straight on Fostertown Road (through traffic light intsc 9W Fostertown Rd) [support]

U-Turn at top of Fostertown Road at support station and follow exact route back to transition.

Detailed Description of the OCTRI Super Sprint  Bike Course

Athletes start/finish at Transition Newburgh Waterfront.
Bikers start at transition traveling north up restaurant row (Front Street) making a left on 4th street (at the last large mural), up Forth Street and making a right on Water Street. Make a right on Grand Ave to the end where athletes make a left on Commonwealth Ave continuing onto Balmville Road. Balmville Road brings you to your first intersection of Balmville Rd and 9W. You will then travel straight over 9W onto Fostertown Road, consisting of rolling inclines to the end. Bikers will then make U-Turn at support station and make their way back to transition following exact same bike route.

The entire sprint bike course will be open to traffic, but all major intersections will be supported with volunteers or police officers.  Please follow all signals and do not take your eyes off of the road.  The sprint bike course is an out and back loop course with the U-Turn located at the top of Fostertown Road. Sprint bikers will follow the exact same route back to transition. It is very important for bikers to follow the exact same route back to transition to avoid the flow of traffic in and out of transition. Please remember to pay attention to all road markings as you reach the bottom of Fostertown Road. You will be on your way back to transition and the amazing Newburgh Waterfront.