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Registration Overview




Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Orange County Triathlon to produce a competitive sporting event, which promotes athletic excellence, sportsmanship, community awareness, and a love for the sport. We guarantee successful management and a positive impression on the City of Newburgh. The Orange County Triathlon will bring the community together and promote not only a healthy lifestyle but the feeling of community support and pride. The OCTRI strives to put Newburgh in the news for a positive event and to bring residents together for a collaborative, healthy, community driven, spirited morning.






Event Security Measures
Be prepared for an increased security presence at the 2014 Orange County Triathlon. Due to the events that took place in Boston and the heightened security warnings the city of Newburgh and High Torque Sports have instituted a strong security plan, and a heavy security presence for the weekend. For spectators and athletes, this means you should be prepared for random bag checks at the race venue. If you have a bag, you could be randomly checked at the Transition entrance, swim start area at the Newburgh Waterfront, and when entering the Finish Line Festival. These measures have been instituted for the safety of everyone at the venue. Please understand these are not just added headaches we have created for athletes and spectators. With everyone’s cooperation these implemented processes should not impact your days too much while at the venue.

Also, do your due diligence and do not leave any bags or back packs laying around the race venue or course. These will be confiscated and could be potentially destroyed. No bags are allowed at swim start, so any items you wish to keep for after the race need to be checked into the bag check area. At packet pick up you will receive a clear plastic bag and anything that you wish to have held in the bag check area needs to be placed in that clear plastic bag. Back packs cannot simply be placed in the clear plastic bags. If you do not wish to place a bag in the bag check area, we suggest you leave items in your car, with a loved one, or in your hotel room.