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Message from the Race Directors

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A Message from the Race Directors

On behalf of the entire 2015 Orange County Triathlon Staff, local officials, our generous sponsors, and dedicated volunteers, we are excited to welcome you to the 5th annual Orange County Triathlon, on August 2, 2015!

The Orange County Triathlon (OC Tri) takes place on the beautiful Hudson River located at the spectacular Newburgh Waterfront. Athletes from around the country have marveled at the beauty of this fantastic venue and all the amenities the waterfront offers. We are the only multisport event that offers our athletes the opportunity to view the entire swim course and transition area together, while they walk the 1500 meters to the swim start. This scenic walk provides them time to relax, get pumped and also to paint a mental picture of the transition area and swim exit for later in the race. Many of our athletes have experienced their fastest swim times due to the current aided swim.

We will offer one race for the 2015 season

Orange County Triathlon Super Sprint

The Orange County Triathlon will offer the Super Sprint Tri this year, the event will be held on August 2, 2015. This event will combine our classic Olympic distance swim with our exciting and fast Sprint distance run. The condensed bike course offers a challenging ride for both expert and beginner triathletes. The race is scheduled to be a great event for racers of all age and ability levels. The Super Sprint will offer a triathlon beginner the opportunity to swim bike and run along with more advanced and expert triathletes.

The Newburgh Riverfront area has been a favorite with critics, residents and tourists, as a great summertime spot for decades offering a variety of top level restaurants, parks and multiple attractions including the beautiful Hudson River Valley, which is the backdrop of this spectacular event. The Newburgh Waterfront is a great venue for family and friends to enjoy while loved ones are racing to the finish line. Not to mention the warm support of our volunteers that will be cheering you on the entire race. Grab a beer and a burger or take in a lavish dining experience at any of the restaurants we offer at the riverfront, there is something for everyone!

Race Details:

The Race Directors of the Orange County Triathlon have decided after months of planning with town and local officials to offer a Super Sprint Triathlon for the 2015 season.

Super Sprint Sprint distance triathlons typically consist of a 1500Meter swim, followed by a 14-mile bike and then a 5K run. Unlike long-distance running races, which can demand mental focus to avoid boredom, the multi-sport nature of triathlon and the short distances of each of the three components of a Super Sprint race provide plenty of excitement and a fun race day.

Race Directors Neal Wilkinson and Jeff Vizethann of the OC Tri are proud to offer the Super Sprint distance triathlon to their event schedule for 2015.

“We have planned and organized the Olympic distance triathlon and added the Sprint distance in 2014 with success. This year we will combine the two races into one exciting and challenging event for all to enjoy,” Race Director Neal Wilkinson said.

“Offering a new race to our athletes requires many stages of planning and development and we pride ourselves on safety and organization. We are so proud to announce our Super Sprint Triathlon this year,”  Vizethann added.

The new Super Sprint will offer a challenging race to new participants as well as those who may want a shorter distance.  The athletes will swim the same course, including biking a condensed version and run the same challenging 5K sprint course to finish this truly amazing race course.

“We like to think of the new Super Sprint course as the light version, but with the same great taste!” Wilkinson and Vizethann said.

“This year we will be offering our race to tri-state area colleges and university triathlon teams. We will also be offering team challenges to health clubs, educational institutions including high school and college staff. We hope to have triathlon team challenges from radio stations, financial institutions and many more organized groups from the Northeast,” Vizethann said.

It is our goal to make The Orange County Triathlon the best event in the Northeast and to offer our racers the best and safest racing experience from pre-race to post race festival.

Join us for the 2015 Orange County Triathlon, Give it a Tri! A race for everyone! We are sure you will be hooked!

Hope to see you there,

Neal and Jeff

About the Sprint Swim

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The swim for the Orange County Super Sprint will be staged at the Regal Bag Swim Dock, north of the riverfront restaurants in Newburgh NY, just 60 miles north of NYC. Water temperatures are typically between 72° and 76°. If this is the case on race morning, wetsuits will be allowed as this falls within USA Triathlon guidelines. (Please refer to the USAT website for details of the rules).

The swim course is a 1500 meter open water river swim. Swimmers typically have the assistance of and ebb current, which is defined as “the period between high tide and low tide during which water flows away from the shore, also called a falling tide.” This current aids the swimmers as they head down river so be ready to have your best and fastest swim time of the season! The swim start will consist of swimmers entering the water and holding a starting rope or line. Due to the current on race day swimmers will not be able to tread water in one place. Swimmers then start out approaching the first swim buoy which leads them in the right direction down river. Swimmers then proceed to the swim finish followed by the transition area. Swimmers will keep the swim buoys on their right-hand side for the entire swim. The lifeguards in kayaks will monitor the swim course.

More From the Race Directors

About the OC Tri and the venue

At the Orange County Triathlon we offer only top notch professional support to all of our athletes and spectators. We organize only the best and most qualified volunteers and course marshals to support our aid stations including transition, swim start and exit.

We promise you will never be rudely interrupted by a man shouting last minute directions or race updates on a hard to hear bull horn. We have professional Race Directors on a professional PA system offering you announcements, weather updates, and countdown times.  After you have completed this competitive event we promise you will never find yourself lost or alone in some remote park in the middle of nowhere with no support or entertainment. We offer a well-organized finish festival with plenty of food, seating and athlete interaction.

The beautiful Newburgh Waterfront is perfect for post-race activities and is a great opportunity to invite your friends and family to experience the beautiful and scenic area filled with first class amenities for post-race dining or sightseeing. Take a ride on a riverboat cruise, enjoy fine dining or just relax in peace while viewing one of the world’s top 10 most gorgeous views. Possibilities are endless at the Orange County Triathlon.

The OC Tri is a celebration of all the training and effort exercised by every athlete who prepares to participate; a combination of thousands of miles of swimming, biking and running to get to the starting line and demonstrate spirit and endurance. There is an intrinsic connection among our race participants, the hundreds of spectators who line our streets to cheer, and our countless, dedicated volunteers who give this event a steady pulse.

Thanks to the tireless devotion of the OC Tri volunteers, sponsors and our race participants, the OC Tri has grown into a prestigious global event and one of the best venues that gives so much back to the community. More than $10,000 dollars was raised in the 2012 OC Tri for local causes. Businesses will be boosted by the large economic impact generated by the thousands of racers and visitors who travel to our county.

Although new in age, the OCTRI has had hundreds of participants cross the finish line. On August 2, 2015, you will become part of the legacy and part of our history. These experiences, that include elite athletes, those racing for a charity, loved one or fundraiser, and/or those who are simply trying racing for personal  goals, are what make the OCTRI a magical event. We enjoy every minute of its planning and feel fortunate to be a part of this extraordinary event.

Good luck to all of you on race day, we hope to see you there!

Neal and Jeff