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For an expaned view of the Bike Map please click on the Event Map Link


OCTri 40K Bike Course Mileage and Turn by Turn Directions

0.4 Start Exit Transition area up Front Street (Restaurant Row)
0.1 Left on 4th Street
1.0 Right on Water Street
1.0 Right on Grand Ave
0.4 Left on Commonwealth Ave, turns into Balmville Rd past Balmville Tree
4.0 Straight on Fostertown Road (through traffic light intsc 9W Fostertown Rd) [support]
0.6 Right on Rt. 32
1.2 Left on Mill St [support]
1.0 Left on Quaker St
1.1 Right on North Plank Rd (Rt. 300)
0.6 Left on Rock Cut Road
1.5 Right on Kings Hill Road
1.4 Left on Plains Rd - straight onto St. Andrews Road [support]
8.2 Left on Rout 52 (South Plank Road) [support] continue left at fork South Street
0.5 Bear right at Robinson Ave(into Downing Parkl)
1.0 Left onto Broadway [support]
0.8 Left onto Colden St [support] straight through intersection Water St. Right on Front St.
0.0 End: Dismount bike at transition area

Orange County Triathlon Bike Course is Exactly 24.8 miles 40K

Bike Safety Plan/Policy


The one loop bike course takes place in the City and Town of Newburgh located in the beautiful and scenic Hudson Valley. The course is a typical mix of rolling hills and flats. The majority of rolling inclines are located during the 4 mile stretch on Fostertown Road, where most of the separation will begin during the cycling leg of this Triathlon. Do well here and your home free! Soon after making a left on Mill Street, this cycling course offers beautiful countryside views along with fast roads. The course turns very fast once you make the left onto Route 52. Let it fly during this 8 mile stretch and your home in no time!

OCTri offers support through all major intersections. Please note this is a one loop bike course so there are no U-turns to be concerned about.

This 24.8 mile bike course is filled with scenic views, climbs and descents. Please pay attention to all OCTRI road signs.

Detailed Description of the OCTRI Bike Course

Athletes start/finish at Transition Newburgh Waterfront. 
Bikers start at transition traveling north up restaurant row (Front Street) making a left on 4th street (at the last large mural), up Forth Street and making a right on Water Street. Make a right on Grand Ave to the end where athletes make a left on Commonwealth Ave continuning onto Balmville Road. Balmville Road brings you to your first intersection of Balmville Rd and 9W. You will then travel straight over 9W onto Fostertown Road, consisting of rolling inclines to the end. Bikers will then turn right onto Rt. 32 for a brief time, making a left on Mill Street (there will be support at this turn). While traveling on Mill Street to the end, you will then make a left on Quaker Street to the end. From there you will make a right on North Plank Road Rt. 300, to intersection, left on Rock Cut Road, right on Kings Hill Road. Then left on Plains Road Straight on St. Andrews Road. Make a left on Rt 52 (South Plank Road) for 8 miles making a left at the fork [support] then continue to Robinson Ave (intersection of South St and 9w) bear right into Downing Park, through park onto Carpenter Ave. Continue to end of Carpenter Ave making [intersection] Left on Broadway travel to the end of Broadway [please see important description on map for lower Broadway roadway condition] where you make a left onto Colden Street. traveling through intersection of Colden and 4th Street where you make a right onto Front Street and go down Front Street (Restaurant Row) to Bike Dismount.

Please note:

The Orange County Triathlon offers an EPIC finish to all three race disciplines.  The views at the bike finish are breathtaking, but please be careful to keep your eyes on the course and navigate safely!

The entire course with the exception of Broadway, will be open to traffic, but all major intersections will be supported with volunteers or police officers.  Please follow all signals and do not take your eyes off of the road.  The bike course will descend on Broadway in the historic City of Newburgh at one time was named one of the widest street in the country. Please remember to pay attention to all road markings as you reach the bottom of Broadway. You will be on your way back to transition and the amazing Newburgh Waterfront.

Runners will experience the same route up to the Balmville tree where they will make a right up River Road following the signs to the turnaround right past the main waterstop marking the middle of the run.  Runners will experience a blistering down hill and through restaurant row for a memorable finish. 

This triathlon is going to be EPIC!!


Bike Course: Safety Plan/Policy: