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Going Green

Run, cycle and swim…for a Greener Earth.                             green_clip_image002

As most of us know, fun activities like bike riding with our kids, taking a morning stroll or run, or swimming in our local waterways, all contribute toward making a greener planet.  It’s so simple.  Leaving your car behind and taking time to exercise and breathe in fresh air, will not only help to improve your health, but our planet’s health as well. 

By participating in a triathlon, athletes demonstrate the spirit of renewable energy and natural resource preservation by simply traveling from one place to another using what most believe to be the greatest machine ever known: the human body.  Honor this spirited effort by participating in an event that celebrates this concept and philosophy. 

We at Orange County Triathlon have become part of the Go Green campaign at Active.com and Athletes for a Fit Planet. We are committed to promoting a green event and as part of our campaign, we have pledged to the following:

  • Provide recycling bins for any recycled cardboard, paper and plastic and other waste materials that our race will produce.
  • Drastically reduced paper waste with on-line registration.
  • Encouraging carpooling and bike riding to athletes and volunteers traveling to the event.
  • Providing information on our website about public transportation options.
  • Encouraging our vendors to pour water, sports drinks and other homemade beverages such as ice tea and lemonade into OC Triathlon beverage cooler dispensers. Plastic bottle waste is eliminated.
  • Encouraging sponsors to participate that believe in and promote green philosophy and are campaigning for Go Green.
  • Most paper materials from suppliers who recently started offering a green line of products—and at a discount!
  • Any clothing left by athletes on roadways or starting areas will be donated or reused in a recycling program.
  • Only using portable toilet companies that offer biodegradable supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, soap and deodorizer.
  • Offering race t-shirts made from organic cotton, recycled poly and other environmental friendly materials.
  • At least 80% of all marketing/participant communications through email or website updates.
  • We will be reusing at least 100% of all signage for the event.
  • Orange County Triathlon officials and captains are making an effort to choose meeting places for all race info meetings that support a Go Green campaign.

Thank you for your continued support.  Hope to see you on September 28!

Neal Wilkinson
Jeff Vizethann